Village Behavioral Health Reviews & Success Stories

Read reviews from parents of Village Behavioral Health patients and alumni themselves. Learn what their experiences with Village were like, and how their lives changed for the better.

Quality Care

“I would like to offer my humble appreciation for this program and all that it has offered my family. We close a chapter today and walk not run forward into a brighter future because of all of you. As we drive down the one way road out of here today I take away my many memories and lessons only to leave you with my deepest most sincere Thank You.”

Kia’s son received treatment at Village Behavioral Health. Grateful to have her son back, she wrote us a letter. Read Kia’s letter here.

Strength to Keep Fighting

“I learned that times will get rough, but I can’t give up if I plan to achieve my hopes and dreams.”

Continued Growth

“I graduated from Village Behavioral Health’s program in December 2011 and just because I’m no longer at Village Behavioral Health, doesn’t mean I have stopped working on my treatment. Since I have been out I applied for my eagle level and received it.”

Renewed Confidence

“Village Behavioral Health helped me develop into the person that I am today. They opened my eyes and helped me realize that I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

Supportive Community

“In my personal life and at school, I’ve always been alone and kind of an outsider. But after coming to Village Behavioral Health, for the first time I felt like I fit in and have made lasting friends.”