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Elsie Ann Cooper MSN, BSN, ADN, Psychiatric Nurse BC

Director of Nursing

Ann believes the profession of nursing is both an art and science responding to the human condition, by recognizing that each individual is a unique person deserving of care aligned with their values and expectations.  Her professional practice is grounded in a cultural framework that engages patients as partners with effective and respectful communication to cultivate a caring, healing and safe environment. She is committed to providing the highest quality care to all of her patients by continually evolving and adapting to provide the care and value that the patients and families deserve.

She has 27 years of psychiatric nursing experience, and has worked in adult, substance abuse, geriatric and child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment. Her goal for going to nursing school was to become a psychiatric nurse.  Her experiences as a bedside nurse, mobile crisis worker, supervisor, insurance  prior authorization for admits, manager and now director have all worked together for her, to be able to provide excellent care for those patients with mental illness and to help guide new nurses in caring for the mentally ill. 

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