Frequently Asked Questions

At Village Behavioral Health, we strive to make the admissions experience one that is encouraging and helpful, one that instills a sense of hope. We are here to help you along every step of the way.

How do I refer a child to Village Behavioral Health?

A child/adolescent can be referred to Village Behavioral Health by completing the  Village Behavioral Health Referral form and/or calling our Admissions Department by phone:

  • (800) 255-TEEN (8336) or 865-380-4452
  • Fax: 865-970-1866

Or email A Village Behavioral Health intake counselor will assist you in the referral process.

How quick is the referral/admissions process?

The process is dependent upon information received, which is necessary in determining the appropriateness of the child’s placement with Village Behavioral Health; the type of services you are seeking; funding resources for the child’s placement; space availability; and completion of the admission documentation.

Does Village Behavioral Health have emergency/acute services?

Village Behavioral Health does not provide inpatient psychiatric acute care in any of its programs. In the event of a mental health emergency, please contact your primary care physician or proceed to the emergency room immediately.

What insurance is accepted for services?

Village Behavioral Health is a in network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan Health Services, Value Options, Cigna, Mental Health Associates, Coventry, Prime Health Services and a Medicaid provider for Tennessee, North Carolina, and Washington, DC.

Can a parent refer their child/adolescent to Village Behavioral Health?

Yes, Village Behavioral Health does consider parent referrals for its residential treatment services. Residential treatment referrals most typically come through community-based professionals (e.g., psychiatrist, social worker, hospital case manager/discharge planner, probation officer). Residential treatment also typically requires independent verification by a physician that the youth meets the medical necessity criteria for the care. Village Behavioral Health intake counselors can explain these processes and help parents to work through them.

What are the requirements for visitation and family therapy while my child is in residential treatment at Village Behavioral Health?

In order to provide the most positive and beneficial therapy for children/adolescents, Village Behavioral Health strongly encourages parents and families to be active participants in the child’s/adolescent’s therapy, including active, face-to-face participation in family sessions.

There are regularly scheduled visiting hours on weekends, but the programs will modify that schedule if you are from out of the area, have a conflicting work schedule, or have other reasons that you cannot visit during scheduled hours. Ask the treatment coordinator of your child’s residential program for help arranging visiting hours for you.

Does Village Behavioral Health have a minimum IQ requirement for their residents?

Village Behavioral Health requires minimum IQ of 70 for any of its programs; each program assesses children/adolescents on an individual basis to determine whether the service can help. Village Behavioral Health does offer a specialized residential program for those with developmental disabilities.

Does The Village Academy facilitate transition back to public school?

The Village Academy offers specialized services to meet the needs of each child/adolescent, including those outlined in the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), which facilitates a smooth transition back to public school. The Village Academy is for residents of the treatment programs only.

Are there any exclusionary behaviors Village Behavioral Health will not accept?

All children who have been referred to Village Behavioral Health are reviewed on an individual basis to assess the agency’s ability to meet the needs of that child/adolescent.

An Ideal Place to Heal

With a serene environment, individualized treatment plans, engaging activities, and top-of-the-line education for each adolescent, Village Behavioral Health sets itself apart as a treatment center that makes positive change in each child’s life.

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