Residential Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Programs Serving Adolescents & Teens in Tennessee

There are no one-size-fits-all mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. That is why we create individualized treatment plans and an expert academic program in order to provide a safe and effective recovery environment.

Mental Health Treatment for Teens

At Village Behavioral Health, we aim to provide the resources and skills necessary for teens facing mental health challenges to allow them to create long-lasting changes in their lives. At Village Behavioral Health, nestled into the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, we understand that many teens struggling with mental health disorders need the guidance of our residential program’s compassionate staff, our safe and serene environment, and scientifically-proven treatment programs in order to best live the life they deserve. We promote the development of coping skills, a healthy sense of self-esteem, and autonomy in every interaction we have with every one of our clients participating in our residential programs.

As no two teens are alike, we ensure that each teen who comes to us has an individualized residential treatment plan based upon a cognitive-behavioral model of treatment that will meet all of their needs in order to heal the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Addiction Treatment for Teens

At The Village, we understand that abuse of drugs and alcohol in teens can quickly escalate into alcohol or drug dependency and addiction. Regrettably, alcohol or drug abuse can significantly affect functioning in all areas of a teen’s life before treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is considered. While addiction is a tremendously frightening thought, the good news is that it is manageable. Village Behavioral Health provides comprehensive and individualized residential care for teens who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse with our residential programs.

Our Chemical Dependence/Drug and Alcohol Program, modeled after the 12-step model for addiction recovery, has helped countless teens face their addiction to alcohol and drugs and emerge from our residential program armed with the skills necessary to lead a sober, happy life.

An Ideal Place to Heal

With a serene environment, individualized treatment plans, engaging activities, and top-of-the-line education for each adolescent, Village Behavioral Health sets itself apart as a treatment center that makes positive change in each child’s life.

Ready to take the next step?
An assessment is an important first step toward treatment of and recovery from addiction.