Knoxville’s Teen Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Programs

Village Behavioral Health provides comprehensive treatment for children ages 10-17 who are struggling with mental health concerns and substance use disorders. At our residential treatment center, we put a strong focus on academics while also addressing the emotional and behavioral needs of the young people who come to us for care.

Residential Program

Residential treatment is a live-in level of care that allows young people to acquire the skills and stability they need to live happier, healthier lives. Village Behavioral Health offers psychiatric residential treatment for children who are suffering from mental health concerns and chemical dependency residential treatment for those who are struggling with substance use disorders.

All patients who participate in residential treatment have access to 24-hour nursing care, weekly pediatrician visits, and medication management services.

Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. These may include:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly family therapy
  • Daily group therapy
  • Weekly experiential therapy

At the end of treatment, patients receive a comprehensive discharge plan that may feature information about follow-on services, aftercare support, or additional treatment options.

Academic Program

Village Behavioral Health offers The Village Academy, a private school that is approved by the Tennessee State Department of Education and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). All staff members are full-time, credentialed teachers who have college or graduate degrees and state licensure in English, mathematics, social studies, and natural sciences.

Students in The Village Academy participate in vocational education, physical education, and experiential learning as part of their therapy program and receive school credit. Teachers work with each student’s previous school to create an optimal educational experience.

Other elements of The Village Academy include special education services for those who have difficulty learning and opportunities for gifted students.

The Nova Program

New to Village Behavioral Health is the Nova Program, a residential treatment option designed specifically to meet the needs of children ages 10-13 who are suffering from mental health concerns, substance use disorders, or the effects of trauma.

The Nova Program helps these children build confidence and address their symptoms so that they can return home with increased self-esteem, improved relationship skills, and the ability to manage and communicate their emotions effectively.

Like with our residential program for children ages 13-17, Nova participants receive a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. Each child can benefit from the same evidence-based programming, 24/7 nursing access, academic focus, and aftercare support as our traditional residential patients.

An Ideal Place to Heal

With a serene environment, individualized treatment plans, engaging activities, and top-of-the-line education for each adolescent, Village Behavioral Health sets itself apart as a treatment center that makes positive change in each child’s life.

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